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At Old House, we offer a wide selection of food. From Dinosaur Prawn Noodles,Melaka “Lok Lok” to Zi Char Old House Style, all dishes are concocted based on traditional recipe inherited from our grandparents. Dining at our restaurant would allow you to have a taste of what our forefathers and ancestors had in the past… …


Lok Lok


Dinosaur Prawn noodles - served with the unique taste of Old House recipe inherited from Grandpa. The special soup broth topped up with extra terrestrial sized prawns would give you the “out of earth” dining experience.

"Old House Melaka Lok Lok" is the definition of "dip dip" where in the olden days customers would crowd around an open truck laden with skewered morsels and pots of boiling water to cook in. This contraction is much like the stream boats we have now at home during festive season or in restaurent, only then it was standing only

Zi Char - a form of Chinese cooking where dishes are prepared according to the likings of the customers. At Old House we ensure our consumers are treated to the best quality of traditional Zi Char food. Traditions are kept and quality is assured. One of our signature dishes is the Heng Hua Lor Mee – a noodle dish served with succulent sweet la la (clams), prawns and pork belly strips. The richness of the broth is a treat to your palate which will leave you craving for more.

We are located @ 25 Neil Road or call 6223 1633 for reservation. We are opened from 10am to 4am daily.


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